Brings you back in touch.
Our sweaters are designed to tell you the whole story. But we want to make you part of that story too. That’s why every sweater comes with its own sheep adoptee. A sheep that lives on the same New Zealand farm your sweater’s wool came from.

A tag in its ear allows us to track its whereabouts and goings on. And allows us to tell you how it’s doing. It’s our way of bringing you back in touch.
comes with
its own
Betsy from Lake Hawea Station
Keeping tabs on your sheep.
Each sweater has a digital NFC tag in the hem. Inspired by the same tags farmers use to keep tabs on their flocks. A tap of the phone reveals details about your sheep including its stats and its location (as well as giving you the unique provenance story of the sweater).

We will also send you regular emails with updates on how its doing — and updates from the farmers about life on farm. And if you have a question about farm life or anything related to your sheep, send them to us and we’ll get them answered.
Keeping the Flock happy.
We want your sheep to have the best possible life. All our farms must comply with the stringent animal welfare standards set by us and our partners ZQ Merino.

Sheep graze on pastures in free range, extensive farming conditions in the high-country hills of New Zealand. The sheep are humanely treated, well fed, live natural and healthy lives, and are not subjected to mulesing.

Find our more about animal welfare at the “Meet our farms, sheep & Shepherd’s”.
Knitwear to Save
Some World.
Our Unisex Knitwear
The Light
Our Unisex Knitwear
Edition 01: Reconnection
Our Unisex Knitwear
The Medium
The Knitwear Journey.*
We design knitwear that reconnects us. That makes us more aware of the journey. That tells us the full story of the people and impact behind the things we wear.
*Worried about the amount of counties? Don’t Panic. Transport and travel is less than 1% of our overall carbon footprint.