The Short: Carbon Negative. Sensation Positive.
Knitted shorts? Ours are made from ultra-fine Merino wool sourced from regenerative New Zealand farms, and treated with Eternity X-Care® to give a cooling effect when the mercury rises. Each pair is knitted using solar-powered knitting machines in Portugal. For a totally carbon neutral manufacturing process.
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“The perfect knit. Cosy and conscientious.”

“There can be a future where we design in harmony with nature.”

“The process of making is actually beneficial, removing more carbon from the atmosphere than it creates.”

“It looks like a new standard in sustainability has just been set.”

“Colours that go with almost anything.”

“Bolstering our connection to clothing.”

“The best quality wool out there.”

“Redefining what sustainability means.”

“The world's first carbon-negative fashion brand, and gorgeous too. Follow the herd.”

“Far from greenwashing, Sheep Inc puts its money where its mouth is”

“The world's finest quality Merino wool.”

“Designed to last a lifetime.”

“The very latest in eco-fashion. The ultimate proof of welfare in the supply-chain.”

“The future of fashion.”

Our knits include a removable “Connected Dot” containing NFC technology. Tap your phone against it to trace the garment’s origins. Plus it connects you with your very own sheep. Name her anything you like. Just try to make it more original than ‘Sheepy the sheep’.
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customer reviews

“I have bought 3 garments and I have been very impressed with everything, the quality of the garments is incredible, especially for the price. I shall be buying more for definite!” - Angela

“I recently purchased my first knit from Sheep Inc. The quality is phenomenal, really pleased to have found this company, some of the best merino clothing I've come across.” - Chris

“I love the whole thing about SheepInc: eco friendliness, sustainability and that you can track the sheep that gave wool for your jumper. Well done guys. Keep saving the world.” - Paulina

“Sheep Inc. is an incredible company!! Not only do they have the most helpful and friendly customer service team, but they are 150% dedicated to true sustainability in the fashion industry and to transparent clothing choices. Beyond even this, though, the quality of their clothing is unparalleled.” - Michaela

“I’ve had an amazing experience with Sheep Inc. The product itself is of amazing quality and smells super nice when it arrives. I was also really happy to see so much attention given to the instructions about how to care for the garment.” - Meta

“Absolutely gorgeous clothes and outstanding customer service. This team of people sell and service ethical and sustainable products in a way that should be a lesson to others - in the 21st Century, this is what we need. Well done everyone.” - Emma

The Radical Farming Fund
Our farmers have more on their minds than sheep. Each Sheep Station runs projects that regenerate the land and protect the idigenous creatures who live on it. They apply tech solutions and on the ground knowledge– the perfect combination of data analysis and getting your hands dirty. We invest 3% of our revenue into these radical projects, which are selected with the help of ZQ’s Regenerative Index (ZQRX).
Our Care Guarantee
Our favourite clothes are often the ones that get the most wear. So, if your knit needs a few stitches or to get back into shape, you can send it to our sweater clinic and we’ll restore it as best we can. We’ll do this for life. Even in 50 years when we’re only wearing NFTs, you will still be able to send your knit back to us. Sustainable is a way of living, not just a way of buying.
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