Portugal. 21 July 2021.
The moon is in its third quarter. A right angle to the sun. The sun’s gravity is working against the gravity of the moon. Meaning the two are in balance.

Today, high tides are lower and low tides are higher.
A neap tide.

The perfect alignment of all natural elements. A dream for those who play in the waves. The eternal playground they call their church is open.

From sunrise to sunset. Everything in balance.
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The currents have perfectly positioned the sand on the ocean’s bed. The waves are coming in consistently. Peeling gently. Tomorrow it will look like a different break. Today, they wrap the leash around their ankle and enjoy the feeling of the awakening, golden sand under their bare feet.
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The swell is coming in from the North West. Dark blue waves born in the North Atlantic exhale their last breath as they become one with the coastline. But not before gifting those who are able to read, feel and respect them the most pure moment of gratitude.
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As the day begins to fade the drop in temperatures fills the air with salty brine, giving a palpable texture and soft blue colours to the sky. Gentle o”shore winds are keeping the waves from breaking until they become steeper, gifting them their crashing ride.
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And then, the setting sun hits the Ocean’s surface. Firing up the water. Orange hues take over the blue. The true marker of time is making its descent. Warning them. The day in which all natural elements are perfectly aligned, to generate the perfect conditions, is about to end.

“It’s time to catch the last wave home” they think. “But I am home” they say.
The Knitwear Journey.*
We design knitwear that reconnects us. That makes us more aware of the journey. That tells us the full story of the people and impact behind the things we wear.
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