Future Positive
The first carbon-negative knitwear on earth.
Designed to last a lifetime.
Knitwear ahead of its time.
Our Approach
To design our knitwear, we didn't look at the world as it is, but as it should be.

Where each garment can be fully traced back to its ethical source. Where each garment has a regenerative impact on the planet. Where each garment lasts for life (guaranteed).

And where some even include a sheep.
Every Sweater comes with its own sheep.
A sheep adoptee that lives on the same New Zealand farm the wool used to make the sweater came from. We will keep you up to date on how it’s doing, what it’s up to.

To remind you that every piece of clothing starts out life somewhere. In the case of our knitwear, it all begins with a sheep.
Merino Wool.
Not all Merino Wool is created equal.
We hand-select supremely soft sheep fleeces from New Zealand farms that use regenerative farming methods, to ensure a positive planetary impact. Our farms also conform to the highest animal-welfare standards worldwide. Because happy sheep means better wool. And ours is the best.
100% Unisex
The Medium Knit.
Pacific Blue. Unisex.
Our Unisex Knitwear
The Cardigan.
Moss Green. Unisex.
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Our Unisex Knitwear
The Beanie.
Clay Red. Unisex.
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Our Unisex Knitwear
The Light
The Light Knit.
Baltic Blue. Unisex.
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The V-Neck.
Wool White. Unisex.
A new way of
doing sustainable.
Our carbon-
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Our three
Our Commitment To You
Designed for life guarantee.
life Guarantee.
Our sweaters are designed and crafted to last – with a little bit of care, your sweater should remain a permanent part of your wardrobe for many years to come.

In order to give you extra comfort, each sweater is covered under a for-life guarantee for damages from normal wear and tear. For Life.
Our Tag Explained.
& traceable.
Digitally trackable provenance.
Our sweaters are designed to tell you the whole story. Each sweater has a digital NFC tag in the hem made from eco-friendly castor beans.

A tap of the phone reveals the unique story and the environmental impact of each sweater. From farm to front door. You can even use it to track your sheep.
Our Commitment To The Planet
5% Revenue
10x Impact.
5% of Revenue Committed to Biodiversity Projects.
We invest 5% of our revenue into biodiversity projects. Projects vetted by a team of climate-crisis experts. Projects that mitigate, at minimum, 10x the CO2 impact of each sweater. So you can wear knitwear that feels good and does good too.
Edition 01:
Edition 01: Reconnection
Designed by Alexander Lewis.
Antelope Canyon. Unisex.
100% of
Dedicated To
Say Hi To
Our Partners (Human and Other).
We know our
farms, sheep
& Shepherds.
About our Sheep Stations.
We carefully select the New Zealand sheep stations we source wool from, for their innovative approach to land management and animal welfare.

And together we are on a journey to show how farming can be done in a more humane and environmentally aware manner.
Why Sheep Inc.
A note from
our founders.
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Join the fashion

We believe in a better
way of doing fashion.

Changing set ways will be a
challenge, but one we embrace.

And our eyes are on what comes
after and how to get there.

Never doubt that a small group
of us can change the world.
The Knitwear Journey.*
We design knitwear that reconnects us. That makes us more aware of the journey. That tells us the full story of the people and impact behind the things we wear.
*Worried about the amount of counties? Don’t Panic. Transport and travel is less than 1% of our overall carbon footprint.