The fashion industry is one of the biggest polluters on earth. We set out to create a new way of doing things. To be part of the solution, not the problem.

The knitwear we make feels good. It does good, too. It lasts. It puts you back in touch. It fixes things. It's a new way of doing fashion.

Designed to make a difference.
The unisex sweater.

Supremely soft Merino Cashwool®

For-life guarantee

Digitally trackable provenance

Fully biodegradable materials

10x carbon-negative impact

Sheep included

387,305 kg - That's the total CO2 we've sequestered so far.

We take 10 times more CO2 out of the atmosphere than our knitwear - us making it, and you wearing it - puts in. Carbon negativity for future positivity.

The Knitwear Journey.*
We design knitwear that reconnects us. That makes us more aware of the journey. That tells us the full story of the people and impact behind the things we wear.
*Worried about the amount of counties? Don’t Panic. Transport and travel is less than 1% of our overall carbon footprint.